Romance of the Three Kingdoms 14 hits Steam early next year

Western release via Steam confirmed

Historical Chinese strategy on PC is all the rage these days, and Koei Tecmo’s announcement of the latest entry in its venerable tactical series is well-timed. Romance of the Three Kingdoms 14 is coming soon, with a Western release scheduled for both PlayStation 4 and Steam in “early 2020.”

That’s maddeningly vague, as release dates go, but we do have a handful of details on the game itself. RTK14 pulls in the ruler-based system of the ninth and tenth entries in the series for a more classic gameplay experience. Every action takes place on a single map, and rulers are built to show more unique, individualised traits.

Organisations are determined by your ruler’s ideals, which the developers say should help to build new game experiences based on who you play – even within the same faction. There’s also a new “evolved artificial intelligence” system that promises to provide you with better challenges on repeated playthroughs.

The game’s Steam page is already live, so you can pop it on your wishlist if you want to track the title’s progress.

You can also check out the announcement trailer above.

Romance of the Three Kingdoms has typically been a bit niche, though clearly successful enough to continue living throughout the past few decades. We’ll soon see more from the 14th entry in the series – it’ll be out in Japan a little bit sooner this winter.