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Steam horror game where you call out for your dog Roy is coming soon

This new Steam horror game finally has a release date, as Rotten Flesh channels Amnesia and Alien Isolation by making you call for your dog.

Rotten Flesh Steam: a dark screenshot of a first-person horror game, where you're holding a pisto land looking as a suspended lamp

Rotten Flesh is an upcoming horror game that takes the genre to the next level; this time, they’ve got your dog Roy. After going viral late last year because the game requires you to call out for your dog in-game using a microphone, the low-poly cosmic horror experience finally has a release date on Steam, and it’s soon.

While Rotten Flesh immediately makes me think of horror game series Amnesia with its style and pacing, there’s also the repurposing of one of the best mechanics in recent horror too. Alien Isolation could let the game pick up any sounds through microphones, having both regular enemies and the Xenomorph react to them forcing you to stay as silent as possible. Rotten Flesh flips this, instead asking you to consistently call out for Roy amid the cosmic horrors.

Naturally, the enemies can hear you too, so while Roy can respond if you call out to him, you’ve got to play it tactically and keep quiet at times too. You’ve also got guns, an inventory system, puzzles, and survival mechanics to wrestle with. Just keep it down when going through your items, yeah?

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If you don’t want to hook up your mic, either because you don’t trust yourself or would just rather play without it, developer Steelkrill has added a voice-acting mode that has the player character call out themselves instead.

Rotten Flesh is now set to launch in Steam Early Access on Monday, January 22, and you can wishlist the game and learn more about it over on the Steam page right now.

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