Runescape to let players choose next update; handing “Power to the Players”

Runescape 3 Duo

Jagex have announced that they will be handing “Power to the Players” in regards to an upcoming release in the coming months. Members will be able to participate in high-tier ‘Dragonstone’ polls to determine future content releases. Currently up for debate is ‘Invention skill vs Elf City’, which closes at the end of this month. In addition to deciding such a high profile content, members can also vote in more frequent polls dubbed ‘Diamond’ and ‘Ruby’ polls.

Revealed since late last year, Jagex are keen to see what the community will decide for their debut poll.

“After unveiling the Power to the Players initiative at the end of 2013, we are delighted to begin this exciting new era with the launch of the first poll. We’re eager to listen to our players and their wants, and this poll emphasises the importance we place on listening to our loyal player-base,” said Neil McClarty, Marketing Director, RuneScape.

The first poll will be to decide between Invention skill or Elf City. Invention will be the 27th skill and the companion skill to Divination, which saw its debut with the release of Runescape 3. Players will be able to upgrade weapons and skilling tools, and also create contraptions. The Elf City is the currently closed city of Prifddinas. It’s currently under siege by brigands, presumably until it’s ready to be released.

Whichever ones wins, they are set to be released later this summer. Two other types of polls, Diamond and Ruby, will allow members to vote on more frequent content. This could be the next dragon, all the way to the theme of an annual event. The current poll closes on the 31st of January.