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DarkScape is RuneScape with griefing turned up to the max


Ah, RuneScape – how many hours I spent playing you in my early teens. It’s a completely different game now, of course (I am 28, after all), but the core is still the same. I have two lasting memories from my time with the game.

One was when a guy gave me an axe that was worth quite a bit and another guy asked to ‘borrow’ it and pay me back double. He typed “That’s why we won the war, hahahaha” into chat, and logged onto another server. I still have no idea what he was talking about, but I realise I was robbed. I still hate that guy.

It hurt. The second thing hurt just as much. I put some hours in and bought new set of rune armour. It was time to got into the wilderness and kick some ass. I was looking good, hitting hard and feeling confident… I was killed by archers almost instantly and lost everything.

Jagex have just released a new free-to-play MMO called DarkScape, and it’s RuneScape with a twist: the whole thing is built around having and dealing out experiences like this. While my experiences hurt, they’ve endured in my memory for over a decade, so there’s a lot of potential here. Here’s the launch video:

DarkScape looks like a lawless hellhole in the best way possible. Each of the three towns has different materials, and the only way to take advantage of the economy is to manually hump goods from one town to another. Everywhere has PvP turned on, even the towns.

Do you want to be a trader, or the bandits in the road? You could form a party, but what if they turn on you when you near your goal? Done right, DarkScape could turn into something that creates some lasting memories, or, more accurately, mental scars. I just want my axe back.