RuneFest 2016 tickets almost sold out as The Eastern Isles expansion nears release


September seems like a great month for anyone still grinding away in RuneScape, as that’s when the game’s big new expansion – The Eastern Isles – and the game’s large fan convention – RuneFest 2016 – both kick off. 

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RuneFest 2016 is taking place on September 17 at London’s Battersea Evolution, and Jagex say those tickets are going fast and the event is approaching selling out in record time.

This extra interest is likely down to that aforementioned expansion, some of which you can visit right now. An initial segment of the continent, The Arc, opens today and contains the islands of Whale’s Maw, Waiko and Aminishi islands anchoring many other smaller islets.

These islands promise fresh adventure in a land where you’re an unknown. It’ll be like being a noob again and you’ll need to build up your wealth and notoriety. It’s a level playing field once more, so getting in at the start will be important for serious players.

Obviously more information will be revealed about the rest of the expansion during RuneFest 2016, with the team speaking about all the latest goings on, as well as plans for the future.

“We can’t wait to meet up with our fellow ‘Scapers at RuneFest 2016 as they join us for an intrepid celebration as RuneScape pushes new horizons. We’ll be showcasing the new frontiers of the Eastern Isles and announce some of new content heading to RuneScape in the year ahead,” said lead designer David Osborne.

“We’ll also be unveiling our plans for other games in the family, including Old School RuneScape and its ever growing popularity in the eSports sector, mobile versions of Chronicle: RuneScape Legends, and the upcoming 0.5-player game, RuneScape: Idle Adventures.”

You can still purchase tickets for RuneFest 2016 at that link. The Eastern Isles expansion releases fully in October.