Runescape’s Halloween event features horror stories co-written by the community


Runescape and its old school version are celebrating Halloween with a pair of spooky events, launching today.

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Across the game world, Runescape players can discover and play through pages from the Ghost Stories of Gielinor – a series of horror tales written jointly by the developers and players. Beginning with a meeting with a mysterious figure known as Closure, the stories will take you on a journey of terror. As you collect them, they can be compiled into a Ghastly Grimoire, and unlock a new cosmetic item: the headless horseman outfit. This is distinct from Runescape’sotherHalloween event, Dimension of the Damned, which wrapped up over the weekend.

Meanwhile, Old School Runescape is being terrorised by Jaso- sorry, Jonas, a terrible killer who wears a hockey mask. His appearance was first teased on Friday 13, but now he’s on the hunt for victims. Survive him, and you’ll receive his mask, and the choice to turn your character’s skin a lovely shade of zombie blue.

Runescape is a free-to-play fantasy MMORPG descended from one of the first and greatest games in the genre. Old School Runescape is a community collaboration that embraces this nostalgic heritage. Get involved in the former here and the latter here.