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Torchlight 2 update adds Steam Workshop support, plus new weapons, dungeons and pets


You may recall that developers Runic were talking about adding Steam Workshop support for Torchlight 2 way back in September. Well, they’re about to make modders very happy indeed. As of today’s update, the game now includes what Runic are calling the GUTS modding tools, a mod suite that integrates with Steam Workshop, which has multiplayer support and which comes with this handy wiki for those getting started.

The update also includes, new weapons, new dungeons and… pandas.

As well as a Panda, your pet options also include a stag, an alpaca and a headcrab, all of which you can take a look at here(thanks, reddit).

Along with the new dungeons, which you’ll find in Act 1 and 2 during New Game Plus (NG+), there’s also portals to take you to the new Nether-Realm. Unique and Legendary weaponry has been added for every item class and there are also new armour sets to be found. You can find the full patch notes for this update, version 1.22.x.40, on Runic’s forums.

Thanks, VG24/7.