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Rust’s penis sizes are based on your SteamID

When you look down to see what you've got in your trunk, remember size doesn't matter - unless Valve has given you a short Steam ID name.

A man in Rust wearing a head torch has his fenitals censored

Facepunch’s survival sandbox Rust is well known for its abundance of flacid penises, and the newest change to the game’s engine certainly embraces the variety of dongs the world over. Your SteamID is now responsible for the randomisation of body size, which includes lengths for everything from arms to members.

Click here if you need to find a player’s Steam Id.

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This thirteen second video clip posted on Reddit shows the variation that can be achieved in Rust’s player character models, and every size adjustment is based on reading your SteamID. Clearly the combination of characters in your ID is used to generate your character’s skeleton and frame, and also elongate or shorten the penis.

As this is based on your ID, there’s no sneaky dong-elongating available. If you’re on the short side, you’ll just have to learn to embrace it.