Rust update addresses bulletproof fingers, among other things


The latest development blog over on the Rust site has outlined a bunch of PvP changes for the nudity-obsessed, open world survival sim. Chief among them is a fix for weird occasions in which players’ bullet-absorbing fingers are getting in the way of their faces.

Getting shot in the finger, explains the post, hurts a hell of a lot less than getting shot in the head. And, as it currently stands, holding your hands in front of your face effectively acts as a near-impervious shield.

The effect will be remedied by some clever new hitbox code, as part of an update that will overhaul how gunplay works in Rust. Also in the pipeline are changes to viewmodel swaying, over-enthusiastic muzzle flashes, a reintroduction of hit indicator sounds and visuals, as well as adjustments to gunfire lag.

The full devblog goes into some more detail. There are changes to the loot tables, improvements to performance on high-population servers, a range of fashionable new balaclavas, some idle animations, better heads, bandanas, the lot.

The person responsible for clothing writes: “I should be finished with the bandanna and moving on to some customizable pants, so you can all live out your… pants-wearing fantasies?”

You can view the full post over on the Rust blog, which includes at least one tasteful nude.