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You can now play an acoustic guitar in Rust

Survival game Rust now features an acoustic guitar, letting you strum out a solo while hunting your fellow players across the open world.

Rust’s developers sneaked the game’s first musical instrument into an update released over the Easter weekend. You can now find an acoustic guitar in the survivalist wasteland, letting you strum out a solo between hunting naked men.

Currently you have to search out a guitar as they can’t yet be crafted within Rust. Once you have your hands on one you can pluck its strings with your primary and secondary attack, changing the pitch by looking up and down. While you won’t be playing Classical Gas anytime soon you will at least look the part as you bop your head up and down while playing.

The update also includes an in-game camera you can use to capture Rust’s world. While you could just screenshot your view, the camera includes a focus ring, letting you play around with your image more than simply capturing the screen allows.

The two new items come as part of a larger update that you can dive into on Rust’s beta branch, though it will be going live on the main branch later this week. Other changes include improved performance, better looking grass and shaders, and few glitch fixes.


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