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New idle farming clicker with a twist is suddenly surging on Steam

Idle farming clicker Rusty's Retirement blends Stardew Valley with adorable robots, and it's had one incredible launch weekend on Steam.

Rusty's Retirement Steam popularity: a purple boxy robot stood in front of a pixel art farm

Farming sims like Stardew Valley and idle games like Cookie Clicker feel like the perfect match. You can get on with work, admin, or just relax on your PC while watching a micro-farm yield crops in real time. Well, this exact scenario has been made a reality with Rusty’s Retirement on Steam, as the adorable titular robot and the farm they care for are already blowing up on Valve’s platform.

Rusty’s Retirement is simple. It’s a farming game where you plant, water, nurture, and eventually harvest your very own colorfully pixelated crops on your tiny plot of land. These crops will give you the green energy of biofuel, which you can then sell to other like-minded farmer bots for upgrades, more robot helpers for your own farm, and other goodies.

The twist is that Rusty’s Retirement doesn’t occupy all of your monitor. You can adjust the game so that it runs on either a slim horizontal or vertical bar on the edge of your screen, then periodically check in on your farm whenever you want a break from whatever else you’re working on.

You can also zoom in or out to get a better view of Rusty’s farm, or activate a Focus Mode that slows the game down to help you make bigger decisions without getting sidetracked by your PC. Rebalancing patches are also being released at a regular cadence, as solo developer Jordan Morris wants to keep enhancing and improving Rusty’s Retirement as much as possible.

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Rusty certainly is the agricultural robot that could. With over 1,500 Steam user reviews at 98%, creating an overall rating of ‘overwhelmingly positive,’ and a peak of 14,979 players over the weekend, the idle farming clicker is clearly a mash-up many people want.

Rusty’s Retirement launched on Friday April 26, but you can still get it at a 10% discount until Tuesday May 7, so expect to pay $6.29 / £5.39 right now on Steam.

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