Sabrent’s 64TB NVMe SSD is ‘coming soon’ but not for your gaming PC

Definitely big enough for your game library backlog

Large SSD unit with its own heatsink and two fans

Sabrent teased its ridiculously high-capacity SSD earlier this year, and it looks like a release is imminent. The device, which at first glance looks like it belongs on our list of best graphics cards with its fans and PCIe x16 connection, is now listed on Highpoint’s website as “coming soon”.

The 64TB capacity comes from eight of Sabrent’s 8TB RocketQ M.2 SSDs, plugged into Highpoint’s own eight-slot NVMe RAID controller. That configuration will also allow for read and write speeds of up to 28GB/s, far surpassing that of the best SSD for gaming.

Unfortunately, an SSD with this capacity and speed is very unlikely to find its way into your home rig any time soon. It’s for enterprise rather than personal use, and even if you can find a way to buy one, prepare to pay an exorbitant price. There’s no official word on how much it’ll cost, but when eight of Sabrent’s 8TB SSDs come in at $10,392, we’re definitely looking at a five-figure price tag.

Give it a generous number of years, however, and we could see 64TB capacities within a single unit available for personal PCs. Remember, it wasn’t too long ago that SATA SSDs set you back around $200 for a 240GB capacity.