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Controversial GTA 5 rival finally hits Steam at a 67% discount

The end of an exclusivity deal with Epic Games means Steam gamers are now free to play the Saints Row reboot, which launches with a giant discount.

Saints Row Steam: a character firing at armored soldiers and a helicopter.

If GTA 5 hasn’t given you enough crime and mayhem over the years, Steam users now have a new open-world playground to run around in. The good news is that 2022’s Saints Row reboot is finally on Steam after a year as an Epic Games Store exclusive.

The reboot, which we quite enjoyed, as you can see in our Saints Row review, was admittedly controversial due to its bugs at launch and arguably dated design. The year-long wait for Steam users was due to an exclusivity agreement between the game’s publisher, Deep Silver, and Epic Games.

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Even at a steep 67% discount, which runs until August 31, this one might not be an instant purchase if you’re hoping for more of the superpowered antics of Saints Row 4. This one is far closer to the series’ earlier games, and indeed some of the earlier GTA releases, but it’s still an action-packed open-world game for less than $20. Combine that with the regular quality-of-life updates over the past year and the most recent 1.6 patch, which brings some additional bells and whistles, and it’s starting to sound like an intriguing deal.

Sadly, the game’s lukewarm reception at launch means the future of a more than 15-year-old series remains in question. Even with the developer pushing out new DLC earlier this year, it isn’t clear if we’ll see another mainline Saints Row game anytime soon.

The reboot’s Steam launch will inevitably bring it to a fresh audience, especially at such a hefty discount, so fingers crossed that the 1.6 update can reignite some extra interest. If nothing else, it should make waiting for the GTA 6 release date a bit easier.