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Samorost 3 release date set for March - celebrate with a lovely trailer

Samorost 3

I didn’t even know there was a Samorost, but Samorost 3’s lovely new trailer makes me want to seek it and its first sequel out. 

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From the developers of Botanicula and Machinarium,Amanita Designs, Samorost 3 looks like a dreamlike, almost alien adventure among tangled treetops, fields of giant mushrooms and rocky, lunar-like lands.

The trailer hosts a neon moth chilling by rows of giant fungus, a giant anteater with a floppy nose, a mechanic knight and a detached island hanging in the blackness of space. Each hand-drawn scene makes me want to dive through my monitor and explore its strange but beautiful lands.

See if it resonates as much with you in the trailer below:

Samorost 3 is launching on March 24.

Thanks, RPS.