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Samsung 980 1TB SSD is now less than $100 on Amazon

Speedy SSDs like the Samsung 980 1TB can help improve load times in games and the responsiveness of your Windows gaming PC, and you can now grab one for cheap

The Samsung 980 SSD, against a black-blue background

The Samsung 980 1TB SSD has been a value champion of sorts for some time, giving budget builders the ability to jump on the NVMe storage train without breaking the bank. Now, the M.2 drive is available at even lower cost, less than $100 in fact, over on Amazon

While the Samsung 980 1TB SSD would normally set you back $139.99 USD, it can now be yours with a 29% discount, shaving $40 off its price point and bringing the storage device down to $99.99. The 500GB and 250GB models can also be had for cheap if you want something smaller.

With sequential read speeds of up to 3,500MB/s, you can expect the best PC games to load faster than they would on an ageing SATA SSD or HDD. Installing your operating system on this drive can also help improve general responsiveness too, providing you with a great experience no matter how you’re using your rig.

If you subscribe to Amazon Prime, your new storage will arrive at your doorstep even sooner with next-day delivery. New subscribers can also get a 30-day free trial, meaning you could grab the service without paying a penny. Don’t wait around, though, as this SSD deal is available for a limited time only.