Grab a bargain Samsung gaming SSD – while you still can

The Samsung 990 Pro Series SSDs are available in both 1TB, 2TB and 4TB and offer lightning-fast performance at a bargain this Black Friday.

An image of the Samsung 990 Pro Series SSD and its box, on an orange and yellow background.

Upgrading your gaming PC with a brand new solid-state drive, like a Samsung 990 Pro Series SSD, is likely just what your rig needs to be prepared for all the intensive gaming sessions you plan to fit in this upcoming holiday season. Now, thanks to Black Friday, you have the golden opportunity to grab the high-powered SSD for an absolute bargain.

The Samsung 990 Pro Series hasn’t earned a spot on our list of the best SSDs for gaming out there, despite being arguably faster than its Samsung 980 Pro series predecessor. However, its heftier price point is often why we’d sway more towards other SSDs in the Samsung catalog. With the Samsung 990 Pro Series 2TB and 1TB models now having a more than welcome price drop for Black Friday, we’d be hard-pressed to not recommend picking either up while you can.

The Samsung 99o Pro Series is easily regarded as one of the fastest PCIe 4 solid-state drives around. It boasts read/write speeds up to 7,450/6,900 MBs, perfect for getting your favorite games up and running in no time. The 990 Pro is a major step up from the 980 Pro SSDs, providing a more than 55% improvement in performance, and faster transfer speeds.

With how demanding some of the most graphically intensive PC games get when it comes to install space, the available 4Tb, 2TB, and 1TB versions of this SSD give you plenty of leeway to download as many games as your heart desires.

You can now can grab the Samsung 990 Pro Series 2TB SSD for only $119.99, from the Samsung website this Black Friday, saving you a whole $70. The lighting-fast SSD was originally $189.99, making the solid-state drive a whopping 35% cheaper than its original MSRP.

If 2TB worth of space is too much for you, the Samsung 990 Pro Series 1TB is up for grabs for the incredibly low price of just $79.99. The 1TB model was originally $199.99, saving you $40 – money that can be better put towards even more upgrades to your current desktop gaming PC.

If you want to get your Samsung SSD to your door as fast as possible, subscribe to Amazon Prime. Not only will this speed up delivery time for your order, but you’ll also get to enjoy all the free games and other benefits offered by Twitch Prime too.

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