Samurai Gunn trailer bleeds cool


Slicing your friends into something that would need to be transported in a fleet of hearses is generally frowned upon in society. That’s where Sumarai Gunn comes in. It’s a side-on arena brawler which sees you and three friends cutting each other in two with katanas or blasting each other’s faces off with a hand cannon.

See it at work in the new trailer.

I’m a fan of games with fast kills. Hotline Miami’s one hit kills (both for you and the enemies) were a great way of building tension. Samurai Gunn looks to be cashing in on the same mechanic. It’s easy to see how four people playing this on a sofa will soon descend into nervous giggling wrecks when playing this on the TV.

Samurai Gunn’s already been recognised by the IGF. It was nominated for Excellence in Design at last year’s awards. Though, FTL beat it to the win.

It’s due out next year and you can read a little more about it over yonder.