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The Goat Simulator developer is making a co-op Factorio-like


The people who – rightly or wrongly – are best known for making a deliberately buggy game in which an antisocial goat throws lawn furniture about with its tongue are making a factory construction sim. Think Factorio, except in first-person, and with more realistic graphics.

It’s called Satisfactory, and we got a tasty look at some gameplay at the PC Gaming Show at E3. You’re an engineer employed by FICSIT Inc, and have been sent by your employers to tame a (pretty gorgeous) alien planet as part of ‘Project Assembly’ – a massive machine “with a mysterious purpose.” You’ll do so by designing and building an ambitious automated factory to explore and exploit the planet and its inhabitants. The processes available to you include trucks, trains, conveyer belts, and “as many multi-level factories as your heart desires.”

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Satisfactory has a Steam page already, which you can check out here, but no release date as yet (it’s listed ‘coming soon’)

Here’s the trailer, which debuted at the PC Gaming Show at E3 2018 earlier today:

The Satisfactory developer, Coffee Stain Studios, was founded in Sweden in 2010. Their first game was Sanctum, a tower defence game that’s been rated 90% positive on Steam, but the delightfully silly Goat Simulator is undoubtedly their breakout hit.