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Satisfactory enters a “new phase of production” toward 1.0

After Satisfactory Update 6, the game is starting to enter a "new phase of production" getting it ready for the upcoming 1.0 release date

Satisfactory Update 6: A player looks over their factory

First-person factory management game Satisfactory is about to get Update 6, which marks a pretty milestone in the path to the 1.0 release date. The devs say that big content updates are set to slow down from here, as the game enters a “new phase of production” getting it closer to that final, complete launch.

“Satisfactory is coming closer to exit Early Access,” the devs say in a press release. “It is entering into a new phase of production where the big content updates we have seen in the past will taper down while the studio focuses entirely on finalising the game for a 1.0 release. The coming updates will shift to have a stronger focus on specific sections of the game.”

But first, we’re getting Update 6, which is focused on exploration. We’ll see overhauls to the Spire Coast and Swamp, new and old creatures with better visuals and improved behaviours, plus a host of new tools to deal with threats and obstacles while exploring the wilderness. You can also expect an array of improvements to the map UI and an overhaul for the Radar Tower.

Update 6 will hit Experimental in June. For a more detailed breakdown of what to expect from the patch, check out the video below.

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