Save the penguins: to start supporting Linux


In the last week, good old have shown themselves capable of tossing out the bad things Steam does, like regional pricing plans; now, they’ve revealed they’re more than happy to adopt the good things Steam does too. At some point in the Autumn, Linux versions of PC games will begin trickling through GOG’s storefront.

After “much deliberation”, GOG have announced support for Ubuntu and Mint. They’re not quite ready to launch yet – their team are training each other to talk Linux, and feeding games through as wide a variety of configurations as possible. But in the Autumn, there’ll be a big, simultaneous launch of at least 100 Linux games.

Some will be games already sold for Linux on rival storefronts like Steam. But others will be Linux versions of “classics” never before officially supported and maintained by a major distributor.

“This is something that we’re in the early stages of, so we can’t talk about what games will be a part of our launch,” say GOG, who aren’t entirely sure which games will launch themselves. “But we hope that you’re excited about the fact that we’re able to set ‘ Support for Linux’ in our community wishlist as a task that is ‘In Progress’.”

I think we are, aren’t we? Surely the several percent of Steam users running Linux includes at least a couple of PCGN readers?