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Scarf: Walking with Souls prototype blends Journey with shapeshifting neckwear

Scarf: Walking with Souls

The Scarf: Walking with Souls prototype trailer has been floating around for a few weeks now, but it’s just drifted onto our monitors and looks serenely pretty.

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Developed by indie Spanish outfit Uprising Studios, the game looks like a platforming adventure with a calm but majestic soundtrack to rival Thatgamecompany’s award-winning Journey.

Gameplay shown off in the prototype version sees the titular scarf transforming into wings, or a leaf-like glider, to get a tiny doll called Hyke around a world full of floating islands and oversized, gnarled trees. Hyke also runs like an anime ninja with his arms swept back, so that’s a feature.

Some more recent footage from the development side of the curtain shows a tethering and grapple mechanic in the works, too, a little like Dante’s Angel Lift in DmC.

Scarf looks a long long way away from release, but the ability to transform your neckwear into different combinations of items to get past obstacles sounds like some good Metroidvania action so bear it in the back of your brain for a bit.