Scottish guy creates Irn Bru-cooled PC, calls it the Aye-Mac


In a move more Scottish than kilts, hills, bagpipes, haggis and Highlander, a group of Scots have built a PC cooled by tubing filled with the nation’s favourite non-alcoholic beverage, Irn Bru. Except it isn’t. John Lawson, who co-created it with his colleagues, isn’t just a genius – he’s also a master of illusions. 

The glass bottle in the center of the machine is clearly real, but the liquid is just an orange-coloured coolant. It still makes me thirsty. Lawson, owner of PC Doctor in Edinburgh, spent a whole year tracking down the necessary parts, going as far as Ukraine.

“I’m interested in designing different coolant systems and being innovative in different ways,’ he explained to Metro. ‘We are always drinking Irn Bru in the shop and I wanted to do something different to attract some attention.” So he popped it in the shop window like an absolute legend. It even sits on a tartan tablecloth.

I’ve seen some custom PC builds in my time, but I’ve never heard of anyone going as far as this for novelty’s sake. Let us know what the best custom PC you’ve seen is in the comments.