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You can kill the sentry robots in Scum, here’s how

Here's what it takes to kill a Scum sentry - it's probably not worth it

In addition to the threat posed by other players, Scum has an array of Sentry bots that serve as automated defenses for some of the game’s best loot. They’re tough, with guns able to kill you in one or two shots and armour built to withstand a seemingly endless supply of your own bullets. Emphasis on “seemingly,” because the mechs aren’t invincible – in fact, players have started to do the math on exactly what it takes to bring one down.

It takes a whole lot. To start, we’re looking at over 460 shots from the AKM to bring one down. The same stat applies to the AK-47. The AKS requires 600. Across all those weapons, that means over two minutes of continuous fire, if you’re lucky enough to find a position where you can safely unload all those rounds.

Those are the fast methods, too. Want to try a shotgun? Expect to spend seven minutes to unload 180 rounds. MP5 means 800 rounds in over three minutes, and the M1 is another one that’ll take over seven minutes to unload the 400+ rounds necessary. Even the SVD won’t offer much benefit, requiring 380 rounds over four and a half minutes.

You can see one such ammo breakdown below, and there are plenty more corroborating guides available on YouTube. But there remains some debate on a few specific points – especially when it comes to grenades. Some players are saying it takes ten to 20 grenades to take down the robots, while others have that number at impossible heights.

One thing everybody seems to agree on, however, is that taking the time to actually kill a bot isn’t worth it. The rewards are meager, and the best part – the fame points – can be earned just by unloading a clip or two. That could change as the game moves through Early Access and gets more endgame content, of course. In the meantime, check out our Scum tips for a better idea of how you should be spending your time.