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Another Sea of Thieves datamine confirms cursed islands and new merchants

Sea of Thieves

Update, February 2: More Sea of Thieves content has been uncovered in another round of datamining.

The Sea of Thieves closed beta might be over, but that hasn’t discouraged dataminers from keeping their efforts up. The beta client received a hefty update yesterday, and whole load of new content has been discovered.

Here’s what you actually do in Sea of Thieves.

Redditor vJoeyz posted a list of new findings last night, with a bunch of content promising to significantly flesh out certain aspects of the game. According to his post, all merchants – including a new weapon shopkeeper – now feature a talk animation. The mine also revealed more information about the Kraken, suggesting that individual tentacles can be killed by hitting them with a cannon. It also suggested that the cursed skull islands seen in the trailer will appear in the game.

Further down that thread, another redditor, LAPIS_AND_JASPER, posted their own findings. They included new instruments, potions, messages in bottles, and, most crucially of all, the ability to smoke with a pipe. There’s plenty more to take a look at, and you can see both lists in their entirety in this Reddit thread.

Original story, January 29:Despite some technical hiccups, the Sea of Thieves closed beta has been pretty successful, picking up over170,000 viewers on Twitch. However, If you’ve been worried there’s a lack of things to do on the pirate-filled seas, don’t worry, Rare has been Saving the good stuff for release day.

But, of course, patience is a virtue many do not possess and someone has already datamined the beta client to uncover some buried treasure.

Redditor m4rx posted a list of everything they uncovered (via VG247) over the beta weekend. This includes new shops, enemies chests, creatures, food, maps and locations. It seems Rare have buried their best loot, as the list contains some interesting booty, so only venture forth if you don’t mind the surprise being spoilt.

The biggest draw for me has to be the infamous Kraken. A giant sea squid with tentacles that can wrap round your ship, crushing it into nothing but splintered wood. The Kraken isn’t the only nautical myth being added to the game, players can also look forward to being enticed by mermaids and selkies. Though the list says “skellies” and not “selkie” I’m hoping it’s a typo and it means we’re getting the addition of a mythical seal creature, not just a new brand of hiply-named skeletons.

Alongside new nautical enemies, creatures such as bats, chickens, fish and sharks are also expected to be added to the game, creating a well-rounded experience. Hopefully you can kill them for food and subsistence, scurvy is no laughing matter.

A decent number of new landmark locations and maps were also unearthed including the Blue Sea of Plenty, Sea of the Damned, The Wilds and the Wide Sea of Plunder. I’m hoping these locations could involve different biomes, but that’s not been confirmed by Rare.

New customisations for ships were also datamined, including new figureheads and a harpoon gun which will no doubt come in handy against the Kraken, if it’s usable. Other weapons include a good ol fashioned blunderbuss, rapier and sniper rifle.

If this list is anything to go by, Rare have many more tricks up their sleeves.