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Microsoft promotes piracy in latest Sea of Thieves trailer

Sea of Thieves

Microsoft are actively endorsing piracy. Sort of. The latest swashbuckling trailer for Sea of Thieves encourages players to Be More Pirate.

Here’s what you can actually do in Sea of Thieves.

The trailer gives a good look at what you’ll be able to get up to upon release. From sneaking around caves and on board other ships to steal players’ loot, to taking a more aggressive approach, the shared open-world of Rare’s pirate adventure seems to offer a lot of freedom.

From sailing into a storm, to firing yourself out of a cannon towards other ships, to battling skeletons, to boarding the ferry of the damned, the video, which you can see above, is pretty action packed. In its quieter moments though, you can enjoy its impressive vistas, sinking flagons of grog to the sound of sea shanties wafting over the waves.

There’s no release date for Sea of Thieves as yet, but if you have an Xbox Live account you can join the game’s Insider Program, which gives you a sneak peek at development, as well as the chance to earn access to early version of the game.