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Sea of Thieves sells 2 million in its first week

sea of thieves skeleton fort

Sea of Thieves has sold two million copies in just a week. In an announcement from Craig Duncan, studio head at developer Rare Ltd confirmed the numbers, as well as revealing several more stats about the game’s success.

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Those sales numbers already confirm Sea of Thieves as the best-selling first-party title from Microsoft Studios on Windows 10, though given their noted lack of big-hitting exclusives, that’s probably not quite as impressive as it sounds. Micorsoft do, however, consider any games they publish to be “first-party,” meaning Sea of Thieves has definitely outsold the likes of Sunset Overdrive, ReCore, and Quantum Break. The company’s GM of games marketing, Aaron Greenberg, also tweeted to say that the “fastest-selling” descriptor doesn’t apply to players accessing the game through gamespass.

Sea of Thieves has also had quite the social impact – half a million new Xbox Live friendships have been formed through the game already, and 400,000 players have joined clubs to find fellow sailors. On top of that, Sea of Thieves has already been streamed by more than 100,000 players, and those streams have been watched by a total of more than ten million hours.

Duncan also said that change was coming to the game (on top of the 20GB update that went live recently): “we have been listening to your feedback, so please stay tuned for an upcoming update where we will talk about what we have heard from the community and how Sea of Thieves will evolve based on our vision and player feedback.”