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Sea of Thieves now has exploding volcanoes that can kill you with fire

Sea of Thieves: Forsaken Shores has set sail - here's what's new

September 27, 2018 Sea of Thieves: Forsaken Shores is now live.

The biggest update yet for Sea of Thieves has just sailed into port. Forsaken Shores adds a new, volcanic island chain to explore replete with fiery new dangers to survive. There are plenty of new cosmetics to unlock and commendations to seek out, as well as some very welcome improvements to the recently-revised inventory system.

The Devil’s Roar is the headline addition, offering a new region to explore at the eastern edge of the map. These islands are out to get you, with volcanoes firing hot rocks that kill you and wreck your ship. Eruptions can also activate lava floors that damage you while you stand on them, and superheated water that’ll make swimming hurt.

There are some friendlier additions too, like rowboats that you can haul around and use to ferry treasure to your ship. You’ll also now find seaposts around the ocean, offering discounted prices on a rotating selection of items. Across the game’s shops you’ll find plenty of new cosmetics to unlock, including new outfits and the Perfect Dark-themed Huntress figurehead – previously exclusive to promo events.

A new inventory system was recently added, and that update didn’t exactly knock it out of the park. But things should be a lot smoother from here, with “take all” and “store all” options added, clearer UI when you’re at the limit for a given resource, and automatic selection of new stacks when you’re grabbing items. Those changes might not be volcano big, but they are significant.

You can get all the details in the official patch notes or the friendly rundown in the dev update above. Or you can just wait for the 5.53GB patch to install and take on The Devil’s Roar for yourself.