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Sea of Thieves is Rare’s shared world pirate game

Sea of Thieves

It looks like Rare is back in business. The beloved developer had a good stage slot at the Microsoft press conference where it announced Sea of Thieves, a super-fun-looking shared world game set in a Caribbean-esque world filled with pirates, both living and dead. 

With its chunky graphics style it’s clearly going for a sense of fun and adventure. The trailer doesn’t give all that much away, but it looks to have a MMO-like approach with lots of players in the same environments.

There’s also what looks like ship-to-ship combat in what will hopefully be something akin to Guns of Icarus’ airship warfare. Players seem to run along the decks firing cannons at enemy vessels, which could be very exciting. It looks like crews will be able to work a little like clans, with a hierarchy that can even demand bad players walk the plank. Hooray for pirate punishment!

That’s about as much as we know, but it’s confirmed for Windows 10 PCs and is “a game that will allow our players to have unique and memorable adventures together, a shared world adventure game. The freedom to play with limitless possibilities.”