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Sea of Thieves players are being turned away due to server issues

Sea of Thieves

Rare’s swashbuckling pirate adventure Sea of Thieves only released yesterday, but new players are already being temporarily turned away due to server issues.

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It hasn’t been smooth sailing for the launch of Sea of Thieves, as servers have been plagued with issues due to the large number of players trying to jump aboard. Bugs include players loading into the game with no items, clothing, or gold, while others have not been receiving gold or reputation upon completing a quest.

Despite Rare trying to stamp the bugs out, the issues have persisted, resulting in the developers choosing to temporarily turn away new players until they have been fixed.

Currently, the Sea of Thieves servers are closed to new players. Rare have not confirmed when they will reopen, but we will keep you updated on this. If you are experiencing any other issues, check out Rare’s list of Beard Errors.