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The Secret World Issue #8 available from all good clients now

Venetian Agenda

The Secret World’s latest update comes in the form of issue #8, The Venetian Agenda. The core of this latest issue is Scenarios: virtual challenges designed to prove your worth to the shadowy Council of Venice. 

You’ll need to come out of the Scenarios alive and strong in order to impress the council, who will be handing out certifications to enter Tokyo for the victors. Tokyo will be the main environment for the next issue, and has long been awaited.

In Scenarios you’ll be able to make use of new Augments, which offer new tactical options for combat. The mission objectives will emphasise teamwork, as seen in the trailer which demonstrates a group keeping civilians alive during waves of enemy attacks. A nice touch is attaching difficulty levels to times of day; fight during the day for an easy encounter, but fight at night and hellish enemies will make their way out of the shadows.

The update is live right now, and will be available at no cost to subscribers, and will be a charged add-on for free-to-play users.

Thanks, VG247.