Someone just beat one of Sekiro’s hardest bosses with a steering wheel

Reddit's u/Cae5ium beat Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice boss Genichiro in under four minutes with a USB steering wheel

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It took me ten tries to beat the very first boss in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, yet a Redditor destroyed one of the most challenging with a USB steering wheel. u/Cae5ium took just over three and a half minutes to beat antagonist Genichiro, who cuts off your arm at the end of the game’s prologue.

Reactions to Cae5ium’s feat range from anger to disbelief. It’s not quite as impressive as the player that beat every boss in 40 minutes, but it’s up there. For his part, though, Cae5ium had a mixed response.

“Oh, you saw it here first. Lucky you,” he tells his single Twitch viewer, before lamenting, “Oh, you’re gone. You missed the good part man, I have zero viewers. This is sad.”

Still, it’s worth noting that he’s no stranger to the steering wheel. Cae5ium’s YouTube channel shows him beating the entirety of Dark Souls 3, as well as Sekiro’s Oniwa and Lady Butterfly. He clearly has a lot of practice in his own strange niche.

Even so, the From Software fan reveals that though the winning run took three minutes, he spent an hour “getting shit on” beforehand. That might explain why his view count dwindled, alongside the rhythmic clacking of the plastic foot pedals.

The actual mappings appear to be forward to the gas pedal, sideways to the steering wheel, and counter and attack to the indicators. The only real issue is Sekiro’s camera, which is temperamental at the best of times, let alone with this setup.

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As for the why of it, Caes5ium jokes that he just likes suffering. Using unconventional potential control methods is something of a trend, with some even playing Rainbow Six: Siege with a Wii remote. Caes5ium describes the controls as “using chopsticks with your feet to eat Mm&Mm’s”.

Considering the fact I can’t beat the game with a mouse, I won’t be trying this any time soon.