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Clean up after murderers in Serial Cleaner this July


Curve Digital and iFun4all’s comedic stealth action game Serial Cleaner is coming to Steam on July 14 after it makes its debut on PlayStation 4 on July 11. 

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Set in the 1970s, Serial Cleaner asks you to clean up the aftermart of murders in both real settings and fake movie scenes, and then dispose of evidence while making sure the killer’s far, far away from the police. If you get caught, you’ll mar your character’s lucrative career as a “serial cleaner,” so watch out.

If you’re into gory pixelfests a la Hotline Miami, with lots of blood spilled and the chance to clean it up rather than make additional messes this time around, Serial Cleaner is probably right up your dark, murderous alley. Have a look at the trailer if you’re so inclined.