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We played Serious Sam VR… with a minigun

Serious Sam VR Mixed Reality

When Croteam and HTC told us that they had a new Vive VR peripheral at EGX 2016, we didn’t expect it to be a rotary mini gun. But that’s exactly what it was, and we happily used it to mow down screaming bombers and rocket-launching horrors in a virtual reality bullet-fest. 

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Feast your eyes on Matt as he defends us all from… well, whatever Serious Sam throws at him. It’s one of those fancy mixed reality videos, so you can see him stood in the midst of all the chaos, even though in our reality he was actually just hanging around in a bright green box.

The gun controller was real, though. It spins and vibrates and all sorts. Just don’t expect it to go on sale and be part of your VR setup; this was an EGX bonus only.