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Session looks to fill the Skate 4-shaped void in our hearts

session kickstarter

The people who run EA’s social media channels might have bigger things to worry about than the #Skate4 campaign these days, but that doesn’t mean we don’t still need some digital skateboarding action in our lives. Luckily, crea-ture Studios are here to do what EA don’t, with a sim-style skateboarding game called Session.

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Built for dual-analog controller play, Session assigns a stick to each foot and challenges you to manage the balance necessary to land sweet tricks. It’s all a bit awkward to start, but ever so satisfying when you land something especially impressive. There is no scoring system, as the developers want to focus on skateboarding as the creative endeavour it is in real life, and an in-game video editor will let you share sick skate videos online.

The final game is set to feature online multiplayer, park creation tools, Steam Workshop support, and a story mode to tie it all together. It’s currently on Kickstarter, already at $60,960 of a $62,883 goal as of this writing with 26 days to go, so I think it’s safe to say they’re going to make it.

Best of all, there’s a prototype demo available for download right now. It’s rough in exactly the ways you should expect a prototype to be, but promises a pretty compelling future for Session. We need it, especially on PC where even our tiniest taste of Tony Hawk has been pulled away.