Summer Games Done Quick starts today, watch your favourite games be torn apart by speedrunners for charity

Games Done Quick

The annual Summer Games Done Quick speedrunning charity drive starts in one hour from this post, and will almost certainly be over before any of us regular humans have even realised it began.

Expect to a lot of thesegreat classic PC gameson show at SGDQ.

There’s something beautiful and cathartic about watching someone so perfectly manipulate a game into ending itself prematurely. There’s also something bittersweet about watching worlds you spent a large period of your childhood exploring be arm-wrestled into flickering oblivion.

The good news is it’s all for charity, and that watching and donating to SGDQ over the next week will directly benefit the very worthwile Doctors Without Borders organisation.

The festival of speed is quite busy over the next seven days, and you can seea rough schedulehere that will most likely feature a lot of downtime in between games as these players are quite used to running ahead of time.

Of particular interest, if you’re that way inclined, will be the TAS (Tool-Assisted Speedrun) portion of proceedings, as TAS Block next Saturday will use cold, hard, silicon logic to brute-force their way through an assortment of games using PC-programmed bots and helpers.

Anyway, tune in to theTwitchchannel any time, throw some money if you’ve got it spare and, as always, kill the animals.