Shadow Warrior (the modern remake) is free to own on Steam for a limited time

A big demon about to get killed in a village square

There’s always been a lot of confusion about Shadow Warrior whenever it goes free, as the original 1997 game has gone free a few times in the past. Despite that, people often hope it’s the more recent release from Flying Wild Hog that’s gone free. Well, today, those people should be pleased: Shadow Warrior, the 2013 game, is free to buy and own forever, as long as you get it now.

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This is to promote some new DLC for Shadow Warrior 2, called Bounty Hunt Part 2. It’s completely free for those that own it, while the game is 50% off in case you want to pick it up now.

Shadow Warrior is free August 22-23, so for presumably approximately the next 24 hours. If you want a copy, you’re probably best off nabbing it now before you forget!

To make that a little bit easier, here’s the Steam page for Shadow Warrior, and here’s the Steam page for Shadow Warrior 2 in case you want to pick up its (superior) sequel as well.