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Shadowrun Chronicles dives from the shadows to surprise us with a full release

Shadowrun Chronicles

Shadowrun Chronicles, which previously was going under the alias of Shadowrun Online, has sprung from the dark to surprise us all with a full release. For the last year it’s been in Early Access, but it’s now had all its pieces bolted and welded in place and is considered complete. 

Developer Cliffhanger Productions has put out a flash new trailer to show off what Shadowrun Chronicles is all about. 

A little like Hairbrained’s Shadowrun Returns games, it looks like Shadowrun Chronicles is built to play numerous campaigns with. The first is Boston Lockdown, and is what the game ships with.

The game has been re-named Shadowrun Chronicles presumably to prevent any confusion since the game can actually be played offline as a traditional single player RPG.

Shadowrun Chronicles is available at 25% off for the first week of release on Steam. Myself and Jeremy – PCGN’s Shadowrun fans – feel ashamed that we were completley unaware of this coming out, but will certainly be jumping on it as soon as we can. But whilst we can’t vouch for the game, players can, with a ‘Mostly Positive’ Steam score from 304 reviews.