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Free games: Get cyberpunk RPG Shadowrun Returns Deluxe on Humble

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Cyberpunk is in the air, with seemingly every gamer hungry for a deep, involving RPG set in a dystopian future with loads of cool cybernetic abilities, building off of a tabletop game with a lengthy history. Well, friends, you don’t have to wait – you can have just such an experience right now, for free.

Shadowrun Returns Deluxe is currently free through Humble, available for the next 42 hours as of the time of this story. The Deluxe edition includes the base game, the Anthology digital art and short story collection, and the soundtrack, for a fully encompassing cyberpunk experience.

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You can grab the game from the Humble store page. Set in 2054, Shadowrun Returns has you seeking out a mysterious killer in futuristic Seattle, navigating the seedy underworld and the megacorps standing above it all with equal care. Shadowrun is a setting where sci-fi and fantasy meet, so you’ll have a wide variety of tech weapon, and magical skills to take advantage of through the game’s turn-based, tactical combat.

Check out a trailer to whet your appetite.

Yes, we’re all excited about sci-fi RPGs for other reasons – though that Cyberpunk 2077 release date is a long way off – but Shadowrun Returns would remain a standout even without its thematic similarities to CD Projekt’s next title. So go on, jack in and get downloading.