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Shadowverse gets a fairy tale-themed expansion in Wonderland Dreams


The Shadowverse CCG previously welcomed a new expansion in the form of Tempest of the Gods a few months ago, upping the game’s selection of additional content to four new content packs. Now there’s a fifth expansion that draws inspiration from fairy tales coming to Shadowverse called Wonderland Dreams. 

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Wonderland Dreams will release on July 29 and will sprinkle in 104 new “story-inspired” cards with anime-styled art that runs the gamut from “raven-haired beauty looking offscreen lost in thought” to “Alice in Wonderland kicking butt.”

Developer Cygames released a trailer showing off some of what you can expect during the PC Gaming Show at E3 2017. So if you’re interested in adding these new cards to your collection, there’s a brief taste of the fairy tale-inspired selection for you above.