This new Sharkoon wood PC case looks perfect for cozy gamers

The Sharkoon Rebel C70 RGB features a unique wooden front panel design, in addition to many of the features you expect from a premium case.

The Sharkoon Rebel C70 RGB case

While cooling performance and spaciousness are important for a PC case, aesthetics are a big deal too, with manufacturers trying all sorts of ideas to visually differentiate their offerings. Most opt for more glass panels, and some fit a configurable LCD, but Sharkoon is opting for a decidedly cozier look with its new Rebel C70 RGB.

Sharkoon is no stranger to crafting homes for our hardware, and if the Rebel C70 RGB delivers on performance and build quality, as well as looks, it could be one of the best PC case models on the market.

The headline feature of the Rebel C70 RGB is undoubtedly the prominently featured wood design on its front panel. It doesn’t look as though Sharkoon has allowed form to take over function where the interior of the case is concerned, however. The case can fit up to an ATX motherboard and has room for up to 11, count ’em, 120mm fans spread across its front, side, top, and rear panel. There’s room enough for 360mm radiators instead, too, if you’re rocking an AIO cooler in your system.

The Sharkoon Rebel C70 RGB case

In the wake of hefty graphics card heatsinks, such as those used on the RTX 4090, Sharkoon has included a graphics card holder built into the Rebel C70. It has a rubberized surface, which should keep your card free from scuffs, and looks more elegant than the stands that often come boxed with graphics cards.

While the wooden front panel looks special, though, its I/O arrangement is decidedly more normal, with a combijack 3.5mm input for headphones and microphones of yore, in addition to two USB Type-A ports and a single USB Type-C port.

The Sharkoon Rebel C70 RGB case

There’s unfortunately no word on pricing or availability of the Rebel C70 just yet, but Sharkoon cases are usually priced pretty aggressively. Regardless of price, Sharkoon has put together a charming and unique design here – let’s hope it delivers on cooling and build quality as well as looks.