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Nearly 20 years later, Shenmue 3 is out in the wild

Shenmue 3's Kickstarter backers are getting the game already ahead of its release date

Shenmue 3’s release date of November 19 hasn’t yet arrived, but already people are getting their hands on the long-awaited game. Some players are reporting they’ve received their copies already, almost a week before release.

It ends an 18-year wait for the threequel, after its predecessor Shenmue 2 first launched for the Dreamcast back in 2001 – though it came to PC in 2018. Shenmue 3, however, is coming to PC on day one next week.

Even since the new title was announced, it has been a long road to release. The reveal came way back at E3 2015, though development – and an accompanying Kickstarter campaign – was only just beginning. With $6.3 million raised through the crowdfunding platform, Shenmue 3 became the best-funded videogame Kickstarter project ever.

The game has also attracted controversy after it was initially said to be available on Steam, before Epic snagged it as an exclusive on PC for the first year.

It’s unclear if the game will come to Steam and other storefronts thereafter or if it will remain exclusive to the Epic Store.

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