Shootmania launches open beta and release date set for 10 April


Awesome news everyone, Nadeo have launched the open beta for their excellent-looking Shootmania Storm. Right this very moment, this moment that you are wasting reading a sentence constructed of multiple sub clauses, sub clauses which you could argue add needless complexity to what should otherwise be an extremely simple and direct sentence, you could be better spending your time downloading and playing Shootmania.

Now a real mean move on my part would be hiding the link to the open beta below the break.

The open beta went up earlier today and will remain open till Shootmania’s launch on 10 April.

Should the beta float your boat and you find yourself quite taken with the whole shooting with a pro-gaming abstraction then you can pick up a preorder of the game with a 20% discount. That particular purchase can be made within the game. So in short the only way to progress from the point is to jump into the open beta.