Shootmania Storm closed beta open for sign-ups


I’m already playingShootMania, Nadeo’s surprising adjunct to their TrackMania series, and they’ve just announced that if you want to get involved you can sign up at their site. Weirdly for a ‘Closed Beta’, everyone that signs up is guaranteed a spot: the beta sign-up period is open until July 2nd.

So don’t delay. I’ve really enjoyed my time in the alpha, as it harks back to the arena-based shooters of the past, but manages to keep Nadeo’s remarkable in-game editing and sharing options. A huge chunk of content will be playable for all those who get involved, from 1vs1 jousts to unrestricted team vs team battles. Nadeo’s tech is capable of creating giant maps and hosting hundreds of players, so I’m keen for lots of people to get involved so we can try and stretch those limits.

I wonder if the game will keep any maps generated in that time? It’s part of the game’s hook that player’s can build and share their creations really easily: I doubt they’d remove content from players if something unique and wonderful is made during the beta.

Speaking of wonderful, Ubisoft would very much like you to see some sexy murderdeathkills from the game. Look!