Shootmania Storm will be free to play on launch


ShootMania Storm, Nadeo’s community driven eSports FPS with buildable levels and all sorts of tournament features, is going to be (mostly) Free to Play, Ubisoft has announced. Essentially you get a stripped down version of the game if you don’t pay, but a whole raft of features if you do. Which sounds pretty Free to Play to me.

As Shacknews spotted, if you keep your wallet in your pocket, you get two game modes; Elite and Royal. The former is 3v3, where one of you has a railgun to everyone else’s rocket launchers. The other two teammates have to protect the railgun holder, and competitive, explosive hijinks ensue. Royal, on the other hand, is a free for all deathmatch with one central control point that blasts a massive rolling wave of death in all directions to wipe out anything it touches.

However if you want the rest of what the game has to offer, you’ll need to pull that wallet clear of your jeans, either pre-ordering the game for $15.99 or buying it for $20 when it comes out sometime later this year.