Shovel Knight roguelike gets four major updates

The Shovel Knight devs have lifted the veil on Pocket Dungeon DLC

A random knight in Shovel Knight: Pocket Dungeon

Shovel Knight‘s post-launch support is the stuff of gaming legend, and even as developer Yacht Club Games has announced its next project, that doesn’t mean the old dirt-minded hero is getting tossed to the side. The roguelike puzzle spinoff Shovel Knight: Pocket Dungeon launched late last year, and it’s got at least four major updates coming soon.

First up is a free update with a range of “accessibility options, bug fixes, and quality of life improvements”, as the devs explain in the announcement. This one will let you control how fast the board fills when you fall in battle, and will offer new stuff like additional portraits, tips after the match ends, and a CPU level display on the tally screen.

After that, there are three DLC packs on the way. An online versus mode will let you battle both friends and randos, a selection of new playable characters, enemies, and items will be coming, and mod support will hit the PC version.

While ‘DLC’ might imply that these’ll be paid add-ons, a lot of previous Shovel Knight DLC has been free – and it’s tough to imagine things like mod support requiring an extra fee.

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Mina the Hollower, however, is the big announcement out of Yacht Club this week. It’s the studio’s next big game, and it’s a love letter to Castlevania and Game Boy-era Zelda.