Shovel Knight’s final expansion features its own card game

Shovel Knight King of Cards

Announced during Nintendo’s indie showcase earlier today, Yacht Club Games have revealed more about the final campaign coming to Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove. Centred around the gaudy King Knight and titled King of Cards, it explains how the gilded goon joined the Order of No Quarter.

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King Knight’s quest has him facing off against the Three Kings, three regal adversaries who control their own slice of the kingdom. With his sceptre in hand, King Knight sets off to defeat these pretenders and become the rightful ruler of the land.

His playstyle is quite close to Shovel Knight’s, as he can bounce off enemies’ heads and also bash them into oblivion with his shoulder barge. His shoulder barge can be used in the air, allowing King Knight to spring off walls and get a little extra distance when clearing certain gaps. King Knight also gets his fair share of trinkets to use in battle like a robotic mouse bomb and a giant golden hammer. There are 30 new courses in Shovel Knight: King of Cards, which include remixes of old stages, as well as four brand new worlds.

If adventuring ever gets too much though, King of Cards also brings with it – yep, you guessed it – a special card game to play in between platforming. Based on the short glimpse in the trailer above, it looks to be a territory capture game where your goal is to control as many squares as possible while pushing your opponent off the board. Each card has a certain number of arrows on it which determine the direction you can push enemy cards in. I doubt it’s going to rival Gwent or Hearthstone in terms of complexity, but it will act as a fun diversion between levels.

While it was revealed via a Nintendo livestream, you can be certain Shovel Knight: King of Cards is coming to PC. If you already own a copy of Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove, you will get King of Cards for free when it launches some time in 2018. Otherwise, it will be available as a standalone game at $9.99.