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Shovel Knight Plague of Shadows expansion will be dug up on September 17th

Shovel Knight Plague of Shadows

Yacht Club Games have announced that the Plague of Shadows expansion for Shovel Knight will release on Thursday, September 17th. The expansion allows you to play as Plague Knight, a new alchemy-focussed character who can hurl bombs and channel the arcane arts. The expansion comes as a free update, so if you own Shovel Knight already, you’re soon to pick up new stuff.

To play as Plague Knight, you’ll need to have completed the game as Shovel Knight. With a complete save, Plague Knight will unlock, as well as Plague’s own adventure and the new Challenge Mode.

For the impatient, or those who’ve lost their Shovel Knight save, Yacht Club promise to share a special unlock code for Plague Knight.

Plague Knight is a very different character to Shovel Knight, with a heavy focus on using an alchemy crafting system to make bombs. Various different casings, powders, and fuses can be combined to create custom bombs that fulfil your exact requirements.

Shovel Knight will be automatically updated with Plague of Shadows on September 17th.