Cliffy B was asked to work on Silent Hills by Kojima, but he said he'd have "f****d up" the game | PCGamesN

Cliffy B was asked to work on Silent Hills by Kojima, but he said he'd have "f****d up" the game

Silent Hills

I'm not sure how much more fucked Silent Hills could be, to be honest. As if it wasn't heartbreaking enough that we aren't getting a Kojima and Guillermo Del Toro directed Silent Hill game, it seems we also missed out on the possibility of 'Dude Huge' having some involvement, too. Imagine nailing an active reload and blasting those corridor ghosts right in their stupid faces.

To help ease the loss of Silent Hills, work your way through our list of the best scary games on PC.

According to a series of tweets from Bleszinski, Kojima approached him and asked for his help developing the Konami-developed horror game, but he had to decline because he's have messed it up.

Just imagine what kind of game we'd have ended up with. Hideo Kojima, Guillermo Del Toro, Cliff Bleszinski and Junji Ito. It would either be a masterpiece or gaming's The Expendables. I'm not sure which, but I wish we'd had a chance to see it happen. 

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MrJinxed avatarAnAuldWolf avatar
MrJinxed Avatar
2 Years ago

Is it that time of the month again where CliffyB tries to stay relevant and make the news. Why this non-news get posted is beyond me.

Who cares about some game developer who once used to work for a big studio. Honestly, isn't it enough already.

AnAuldWolf Avatar
2 Years ago

I haven't known any sole developer to display as much of an identity and confidence crisis as often as Cliff does. He's got no game, that one. He's got such a lack of faith in his own persona that his attempts to be relevant often end up with him being persona non grata more than anything else.

That man could do with a good dose of introspection to actually figure out who he is. Honestly, I think attributing value to one's own identity is the most important thing one could do. You have to introspect, question yourself, and piece together your raison d'etre. Otherwise you're just this pitiful extravert stumbling from one group to the next, begging for scraps of attention from whomever might care.

This is one of those things I feel lucky with, I think. I mean, autistic introvert who's got his identity down pat, and a profoundly more significant and brilliantly talented other to spend the rest of me life with. It's a funny thing, really. Small favours, I suppose.

Though he has money. All of the money. So he's allowed to flounder through life as much as he pleases. I do wonder though -- how satisfying is life for him?