Silicon City is a throwback city builder with a demo available now

Silicon City aims to bring the spirit of classic city builders to modern times

A town constructed in the upcoming throwback city builder, Silicon City

Let’s be real – if you enjoy city-building games today, there’s a pretty good chance you once put a lot of time into SimCity 2000. The Maxis classic solidified the genre, and while city builders have certainly gotten more robust over the years, it’s tough to beat that old-school vibe. That’s why Silicon City is taking things back to basics next month.

Silicon City launches into Early Access on October 14, but there’s a demo you can try out on Steam right now. The game features a grid-based sandbox, classic zoning systems, and procedural building creation to create theoretically infinite possibilities. (You can even switch between camera styles from the 80s, 90s, or 2000s, for the retro flavour of your choice.)

There’s a big emphasis on data as you manage your city, from the particulars of traffic management to the preferences of your citizens. Over the course of early access, the game’s set to get multiplayer options, an election system to keep you on your toes as mayor, and a scenario mode to give you additional challenges to tackle.

Check out the trailer below.

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