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SimCity DLC adds airships and hot air balloons


Working from home, I don’t have many issues with a morning commute – sometimes there are icky pants between my bed and my desk which need to be avoided – but I hear tell of traffic jams, cramped trains, and the danger of a fellow passenger kipping on your shoulder.

Clearly the sims go through the same struggles: EA have released a new DLC pack for their city management game, SimCity, it introduces airships and hot air balloons to make things easier for all those in the morning rat race.

The airships set adds a new building, the Airship Hangar, to your toolset. The hangar brings in new tourist trade from other regions, essentially walking wallets for your stadiums, casinos, and shops.

The hangar can be expanded to allow commuters access to less long-distance airships, ones which will drop sims about town, or at your neighbours metropolises (metropoli?).

The airships also act as big floating billboards for your stadium events, increasing their success on opening night.

As well as the airships, the DLC brings with it hot air balloons. These balloons come in the form of a park for your wealthy districts.

You can check it out in the Origin Store.